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Online Marketing Tactics

Online Marketing Strategies

ForwardJump Marketing helps companies and organizations find value in online marketing. Our strategies are based on your high-level goals.

Rather than focus on hits and likes, we specialize in real-life metrics like profits and organizational growth.

We make sure that our campaigns, strategies and tactics are ROI focused.

WordPress Services

WordPress is the focus of our business. We offer a range of services to ensure that your Website is running optimally.[SlideDeck2 id=2706]

Mobile Strategies

Mobile is the fastest-growing part of the Web today.

Your organization can seize on this important trend by ensuring your Website works for people on the go, regardless of whether they use an iPhone, a Blackberry or any other sort of mobile device.

Make sure you show up on mobile search, which often include just a few companies. Leverage locations, optical tools and other signals to help your target audience with what people want where they are, right now.

We can map out and execute strategies covering all of these emerging trends and technologies.

Social Networking Strategies

Facebook, Twitter and other social networks are changing the way people find, share and interact with companies, organizations and people.

We help companies and organizations develop and execute strategies to leverage social networks in an ROI-focused manner.

Each strategy is unique to our client’s organizational needs and goals. But all of our plans incorporate these ideals:

Strategies determine tactics, not the other way around
We track and measure substantive company goals instead of using intermediate metrics such as fans and followers as measures of success
Social networking strategies are part of larger online-marketing projects incorporating search engines and lead-generation tactics

Contact us to find out how we can help your organization take advantage of the landscape of social networks.

Lead Generation

Even if you sell complex products or services to a niche audience you can use your Website to start building relationships with prospects. We can show you how.

Business to Business (B2B) Marketing

Companies that sell to other business need strategies which are quite different than companies which cater to consumers.

Often, the B2B lead-generation cycle takes weeks or months and involves stakeholders with a variety of interests. For instance, enlisting the backing of a CFO is far different than winning over a VP of sales. We help you use online marketing to appeal to all of the roles in your industry.

Website Analytics Installation & Strategy

We specialize in installing and configuring Google Analytics for business and organizations.

Adding Web-based analytics gives you insight into how your best customers or prospects find and use your Website.

Online marketing is highly measurable and analytics can provide information crucial to your company or organization’s success.

This is often an overlooked way that small businesses and nonprofits can gain valuable intelligence on your target audiences’ interests, concerns and values.

Online Branding

Branding is the tactic of increasing your target audience’s understanding of your organization’s capabilities and value.

Often branding is considered to be a campaign that cannot be measured directly.

We take a different view.

Fialkoff Consulting develops branding campaigns for companies organizations which can be measured and optimized through data-based analysis.

For example, we can track the impact of a branding campaign on the change in depth and breadth of engagement on your Website(s) and your social-networking pages.

We also integrate display and search-engine advertising into branding campaigns to ensure that organizations build and maintain top-level presence for their brands.

In addition, we use data-based analysis to help organizations discover how their target audiences currently view their brands and how branding campaigns change those perceptions.

Nonprofit Organization Online Marketing

We specialize in helping nonprofits leverage emerging online technologies including search engines, social networks and other mediums to get more volunteers, donors and publicity.

We show you how to align your online presence with your organization’s goals, from increasing membership to generating exposure for your campaigns.

Community Bank & Credit Union Online Marketing

Our team has been developing and executing online marketing strategies for community banks and credit unions since 2008.

We understand the specific regulatory and security needs of financial services organizations. We can help with all aspects of a bank’s online needs, from Website development to social-networking strategies designed to increase business from new and existing personal and business banking customers.

We specialize in helping financial institutions make strategic marketing decisions based on analytics data. Here is a sample monthly report we provide to banking and credit union clients.


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